A gantry crane can be a great solution if you need a portable framework to mount equipment. Gantries lift objects that are below the tower structure, and as such, offer a great deal of power to users. One of the biggest advantages of gantry cranes is their ability to be moved and adjusted. They are typically built on wheels, and they also have adjustable measurements for greater control.

Types of Gantry Cranes

There are three main types of gantry cranes, each with their own unique benefits.

  1. Portable Gantry Crane – These can be assembled and disassembled quickly, making them perfect for moving wherever they are needed.
  2. Adjustable Gantry Crane – These are mainly used in warehouses, plants and a range of other industries where moving product through low or narrow pathways is required.
  3. Motor Driven Gantry – These cranes are a great when an overhead crane just won’t work.