Load Charts – Crane Rental in Kentucky & Tennessee

We have the right crane for all types of jobs. Whether you rent an all-terrain crane, hydraulic truck crane, or rough terrain crane, our services include a fully certified operator, support for preplanning and critical lift planning, along with onsite lift management and supervision.  We offer hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, along with 24-hour emergency service. See below for the type of crane your job requires.

All-Terrain Cranes

Fleet Rated Cap Max Boom Max Jib PDF
Liebherr LTM 1400500197276Download
Grove GMK 6400450197259Download
Grove GMK 6300L350263121Download
Grove GMK 5250L30023069Download
Grove GMK 5175175161108Download
Grove GMK 5165165197105Download
Grove GMK 5120B120167112Download

Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Fleet Rated Cap Max Boom Max Jib PDF
Grove TMS 9000E11014256Download
Link-Belt HTC 8690909058Download
Grove TMS 900E9014256Download
Terex T-7507512660Download
Grove TMS 8707011056Download
Grove TMS 700E6011056Download
Link-Belt HTC 8660 II6011051Download
Grove TMS 500E409545Download
Terex T-340409432Download
Lorain MCH-275D27.57243Download
Terex BT 4792239244Download
Terex RM 4792239244Download
National 500C156224Download

Rough Terrain Cranes

Fleet Rated Cap Max Boom Max Jib PDF
Terex RT 7808012657Download
Link-Belt RTC 80656512657Download
Grove RT 700E6511056Download
Grove RT 765E-26511056Download
Link-Belt RTC 8650 II5011051Download
Grove RT 650E5010551Download
Grove RT 635C3510551Download