Rough-Terrain Crane Rental in Kentucky & Tennessee

Working on uneven and rough work sites can be difficult and dangerous. Any risk that may be present is worse if you do not come to the site with the right equipment. Rough terrain cranes are equipped with three steering modes to maneuver over uneven ground, up and down steep grades, over loose terrain and other obstacles.

Our Rough-Terrain Cranes range from 35 tons – 80 tons and can be configured to fit numerous lifting applications, giving you more lifting versatility. Four-wheel drive capability combined with multiple steering modes allows us to get closer to the lift regardless of congested areas or adverse ground conditions. We have multiple units available at our 4 regional offices capable of serving KY and surrounding states.

Fleet Rated Cap Max Boom Max Jib PDF
Terex RT 7808012657Download
Link-Belt RTC 80656512657Download
Grove RT 700E6511056Download
Grove RT 765E-26511056Download
Link-Belt RTC 8650 II5011051Download
Grove RT 650E5010551Download
Grove RT 635C3510551Download