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Why You Might Need A Gantry Crane

A Gantry crane is a lift apparatus that is built on top of a gantry, which is an erection that straddles the workspace. These are useful in enclosed workspaces or for putting large objects on or into other large objects. General Steel Crane & Rigging has a variety of gantries to help with all means of construction. 


One of the advantages of gantry setups is that they are portable and maneuverable. If you need to move them from one site to another, gantries can be easily transported long distances or just a few feet.

Loading Docks

If you have to load heavy objects into containers, gantry cranes are ideal. Because they can bestride the container, you can load freight in a more organized manner. 


Because gantry cranes take up a relatively small amount of space and they are easy to operate, you can use multiple cranes at once, speeding up the job.
General Steel Crane & Rigging is the go-to source for gantry cranes in the Mid-South. If you need any kind of crane for your jobsite, call 800-221-8076