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The Great Benefits of All Terrain Crane

When it comes to lifting heavy loads on rugged jobsites, all terrain cranes are your best bet. Thanks to their sturdy construction, versatility and load capacity, these kinds of cranes can handle almost any tough job you throw at them.

Lifting Versatility

All terrain cranes can meet a variety of lifting needs, including lifting weights from 90 to above 400 tons. Many all terrain cranes come with four sections with a cylinder to raise only the section needed for the job. Depending on the crane’s model, an all terrain crane can reach 150 meters in height.


Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with your construction schedule. Fortunately, even after the rain, wind, snow or hail has hit the jobsite, a durable all terrain crane is sure to remain standing and ready to resume operation once the weather has cleared.

Mobility and Speed

All terrain cranes are great for getting where you want them to go due to these following features:
  • They can attain 55 miles per hour speeds
  • Can move through sand, asphalt and gravel
  • Are ideal for jobs with no street access
  • Equipped with all wheel driving steering suspension
A contractor who needs a machine to pick up and move heavy loads in harsh territory should consider an all terrain crane. For more information on how all terrain cranes can work for you, call General Steel Crane & Rigging.