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Benefits of Renting a Rough Terrain Crane

Rough Terrain Crane

Uneven and difficult to access roads are a common reality in many large-scale construction sites and industrial plants. Maneuvering these sites and successfully completing project milestones requires the right equipment. Rough terrain cranes offer contractors a viable transportation, rigging, and lifting solution when working in challenging environments.

If you are considering renting lift equipment for the completion of an off-road construction project, read on to find out why a rough terrain crane could be a great choice.

Robust Tires

Among the features that distinguish a rough terrain crane from other types of cranes including crawler, all-terrain, and truck-mounted cranes, are the large and treaded tires, specifically designed for off the road projects.

The robust tires make rough terrain cranes an ideal choice for maneuvering hilly areas and provide stability when working on grounds with loose soil, gravel, and mud. Consider a rough terrain crane if your project site is characterized by particularly challenging terrain.

Compared to truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes have a wide wheelbase and a significantly larger engine. A wider wheelbase not only makes rough terrain cranes more stable in difficult environments but also more capable of navigating such environments with ease.

At the same time, a larger engine capacity provides a rough terrain crane the strength needed to overcome the obstacles found in off-road construction sites. 

Multiple Steering Modes

Rough terrain cranes combine crane functionality with a steering mechanism. Modern rough terrain cranes have three to four steering modes including front-wheel steering, back-wheel steering, all-wheel crabbing, and all-wheel coordinated steering.

Multiple steering modes allow a rough terrain crane to easily maneuver narrow spaces and difficult terrains even in inclement weather. This ability to navigate narrow spaces, common in some construction sites, allows the operator to bring the crane close to the lifting area, improving efficiency and safety at the worksite.

Independent Outriggers

Another distinguishing feature of a rough terrain crane is its vertical and horizontal extending outriggers, which together form an H-structure.

Outriggers play an important role in providing stability for mobile type cranes such as the rough terrain crane. Here, each outrigger works autonomously so that a problem with one of the outriggers will not compromise the crane's stability.

Because the outriggers spread out horizontally and vertically, the rough terrain crane is able to boast a wider center of gravity. A wider center of gravity is equal to greater stability, a crucial requirement in job sites with unfavorable terrain. 

Hydraulic Mechanism

A rough terrain crane is a type of hydraulic crane, which uses hydraulic power instead of conventional power sources such as oil or diesel.

Hydraulic systems are robust and enable the lifting of heavy loads, which are a common feature at construction sites.

Modern rough terrain cranes have a higher loading capacity, allowing contractors to lift heavier loads with just one machine. The ability to lift more loads with less equipment can offer contractors significant cost savings and improve project lead times.

Easy Setup

High capacity rough terrain cranes can lift and transport loads all on their own without the need to attach a supplementary crane for added support.

These cranes come mounted on a four-wheeled truck and are ready for operations as soon as they arrive at the job site, making them easy to use and an excellent way to fast-track the lifting tasks at a construction site. 

Rough terrain cranes have certainly made a name for themselves as the workhorses of difficult terrains. Even then, the condition of the crane you use will make all the difference in terms of safety, project timelines, and productivity. Be sure to rent your cranes from a reputable contractor who is committed to the safety and maintenance of their equipment.

If you want to rent a well-maintained rough terrain crane for your demanding project, get in touch with General Steel Crane and Rigging today.